Getting Started Part 1: Your first AWS credential

Your cloud automation journey has now begun with Hummingbird247. You may ask yourself “Where to from here?”, but don’t worry that’s what this ‘getting started’ guide is here. When logging into Hummingbird247 you will be redirected to the Hummingbird247 Resources page, however, you may notice it is empty at the first login. To solve this problem we are going to help you add your first Amazon Web Services credential.

First login - Amazon Web Services Credentials


Firstly head over to the Credentials menu on the left. This will load the credential summary page where you can view and manage all your Amazon Web Services cloud credentials. If you have a hard time understanding authentication and management of resources head over to Amazon Web Services detailed documentation. In order for Hummingbird247 to access your resources you will need to provide either an Access Key\Secret or an enabled cross-account IAM role.


Setting up Amazon Web Services Automation


The easiest way to get started with your cloud resources is to add an AWS access key. If you don’t already have your access key available you can follow Amazon Web Services guide or ask the administrator of your AWS environment. On the right side menu bar click “Add Access Key” and copy over your details in the pop up window. Hummingbird247 with verify the credential on create to ensure the security access for future remote calls. AWS Security best practices for access keys recommend not using keys for a long period of time. For this reason be sure to update your access when you cycle your keys.


Automated Schedules for Amazon Web Services


An alternative to using an access key is by creating a cross-account IAM Role that allows Hummingbird247 to act on your behalf and performs actions on AWS resources. What is nice about using this feature is the ability to ‘lock-down’ all your resources at a role level. Start by clicking “Add IAM Role” on the right side menu which will load the instructions. Two important things to note are our account id (i.e Hummingbird247 AWS Service Account) and the External Id. The external id is something we generate, just for you, when you register and is therefor only known to you. It is a a secret key the system shares to allow secure access to your AWS resources. Follow the instruction in the window and add your IAM Role.


Role Based Amazon Web Services Automation


Congratulations! You have added your first AWS credential to Hummingbird247. You can now go back your resources page by using the left dashboard menu. You can view your EC2 resources by selecting your desired region and credential.

AWS Resource Management and Schedules